Johansen is boasting international success after several high profile American celebrities have recently worn original designs from the range, the most influential of all being Kylie Jenner

With Kylie Jenner well on the way to being the youngest person to gross a billion dollars, having just graced the cover of Forbes magazine and achieving the interest of over 110 million followers on Instagram. Having been dressed by top design houses such as Givenchy, Vetements and Dolce&Gabbana, Kylie still chose to wear the Australian made Johansen dress to advertise the launch of her highly anticipated summer cosmetics line - the very same brand that has grossed Ms. Jenner nearly a billion dollars.

Kylie Jenner in
'The Cha Dress'

23 year old Jessica Johansen, designer and founder of Johansen, awoke to her social media feed alight with comments and likes on Sunday morning to the news that Kylie Jenner was wearing one of Johansen's locally made designs, ‘The Cha Dress’ on her Instagram pages for @kyliecosmetics and @kyliejenner - a combined following of 127.6million people.

Ms Johansen says: “When I got to work that morning, my emails and phone were blowing up. A friend had sent me a photo to alert me that Kylie was wearing Johansen - in front of a potential 127 million viewers. The dress sold out that day and I’m working around the clock to field enquiries and keep up with demand across the store.” 


The image Ms Johansen is referring to has been liked over a million times and Johansen’s website has been fielding hundreds of enquiries since the weekend, driven by thousands of visits to the website and new followers on social media. 


“I’m lucky enough to have had the likes of celebrities such as Shanina Shaik, Maia Mitchell and Alexis Ren wear my designs, but when someone as influential as Kylie Jenner decides to wear your garments, things can really escalate quickly! I see her not only as fashion savvy, but as an iconic business woman. Maybe one day, I can look back and see that these are the moments that have helped build my fashion empire.” says Ms Johansen.

Shanina Shaik in the 'Low Back Linen Dress' 

Despite the increase in demand, Johansen remains committed to employing local suppliers, sewers, cutters and sourcing fabrics locally to ensure Johansen is always Australian designed and made.  


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